The beginning of the 7D rumor began back in January. We had been told Canon would axe the “xxD” moniker and move to a more competitive camera with the Dxxx line from Nikon.

Just 1 SLR in August?
I received an email today we'll only be seeing a replacement of the 50D in August. No 1D upgrade at this time. A 1D probably deserves its own launch anyway. Canon needs to market the heck out of the line.

Spec List 1 (NL)
* FF
* 3″ OLED
* 12.7 MP
* ISO100-25600
* Digic IV
* Wide DR mode, sRAW
* 9 focus points (+6)
* 3.4 FPS
* Pentaprism, same as 5dII
* No video
* No flash
* $1999 target

Spec List 2 (CR)
* 15.1mp (apparently it will be the same sensor with some internal upgrades)
* DIGIC V (DIGIC IV a stopover to a big advancement in processing)
* New 13 Point AF
* 1080p Movie Mode
* 8fps
* 3″ VGA LCD
* 98% VF
* New Battery
* Weathersealing
* Ergonomic Upgrades
* 1x Compact Flash and 1x Secure Digital Slots

A new one floating around today says Dual DIGIC IV, 8fps and a 15.1mp APS-C sensor.

No “Affordable” Full Frame
Another email today says we will NOT be seeing another full frame camera added to Canon's lineup, nor will there be another APS-H.


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  2. I’m sure that it’s Finland where they don’t have great long discussions about something that’s about to take place-ie. they don’t do ‘what if’… I guess it’s natural to speculate on what may come about,whole industries are built on it,especially in the finance world (shares).

    Come next Tuesday, Sept 1, we’ll all know for sure and that’s when I’ll start making decisions about getting the 5D 11 or a 7D, meanwhile I’ll put my time to better use. I’ve enjoyed reading all the speculative points raised but just can’t help feeling it’s been time wasted.

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