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*UPDATE* EOS Info – Check Your Shutter Actuations.

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Lots of Windows & Mac talk
There’s an apparent uprising to the fact there is no Mac version to the software! Planet5D says they have a 50/50 split between Windows and Mac users visiting their site. So here are my stats.

Canon Rumors Operating System Split (July 1, 2009 – July 31, 2009)
Windows 66.64%
MacOS 31.38%
Linux 1.78%
The Rest 0.2%

The maker of the software has done so for free and made it available to the world. I can understand time constraints with other things in life. Perhaps someone can contact the maker of the software and bring the world a Mac version!

A Most Useful Utility (For Windows Only)
This utility will find your shutter actuation if own a DIGIC III or IV EOS camera. It will NOT read the actuation of any 1D/1Ds series camera.

Download Here:


73 responses to “*UPDATE* EOS Info – Check Your Shutter Actuations.”

  1. Sorry, I’ve been too busy emptying all your bank accounts.

    I wasn’t posting here, but noticed this article in my RSS reader, plus someone alerted me to the Kaspersky thing. I run multiple malware/virus packages, and haven’t been alerted to anything.

    I just scanned the installer locally again, and didn’t find anything, so I ran it against jotti, virustotal, and, and Kasperski is the only one barking (surprise!) on jotti, virusttotal scored 3/41, and 3/38 on virSCAN.

    I’ll pull it until I can figure out why it’s triggering Kaspersky – those numbers make me think it’s a false alarm, but hey – it’s a .net app wrapped in an .msi, then built into a self-extracting archive – what could go wrong?

    Oh, and for all you Mac users – there’s not a Mac version of EOSInfo because I wrote the Mac version of 40DSC with an installer in the first place, so all the files are isolated and it still works just fine – IOTW, you don’t need a new utility. If it makes you feel better, I’ll just repackage 40DSC with the new name.

    The PC version of 40DSC is (or can be) broken due to some .dll updates from Canon – it was just easier for me to write a whole new app.


  2. One should not own a Mac ? One should not own a disease ! That’s why i dont own a pc. Never will ! P.S ; dont forget to do your daily virus-check, sprocket-count, dll-lists, drive-rupdates, DOS-commandlists and pay your monthly service-pack bills.
    When will the test-errrr-consumerversion of Win 7 appear ? Shouldnt Win 2000 and Win NT have changed the world ? Where did your originality and your taste leave you ? Before or after DOS ?

  3. Ok, thanks. Do you think it is possible to have a direct print button available on the utility interface, I usually like to direct print immediately after I see the shutter count incrementing by one, cheers.

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