Canon EOS Rumors

EOS R related announcements coming for CP+ [CR2]

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Lost in all of the Canon EOS-1D X Mark III interest is the fact that CP+ begins next month and that it will be a major show for Canon announcements.

We have been told that Canon will introduce a new EOS R camera ahead of the show in February, along with 2 new RF mount lenses.

It’s expected Canon will announce a high megapixel addition to the EOS R lineup, a camera that has been rumored for quite some time.

The same source said the EOS R Mark II is coming in 2020, but the exact time we’d see an announcement was unknown to them.

We will be getting at least one new prime and one new zoom lens announced for the RF mount and I wouldn’t be surprised if we see another round of development announcements for RF mount lenses and maybe cameras.