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Firmware: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV v1.0.4

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The calm before the storm?

Canon has released firmware version 1.0.4 for the EOS 5D Mark IV.

Firmware Version 1.0.4 incorporates the following fixes and improvements:

  • Fixes a phenomenon in which a red-colored area may appear at the bottom-center of a captured image when shooting in bulb mode or during a long exposure.
  • Fixes a phenomenon in which the autofocus may not respond when the autofocus is initiated via pressing the shutter button, the AF-ON button or the AE lock button when configured in the custom control menu.
  • Enhances the reliability of communications between the camera and SD card.
  • Fixes incorrect wording on the Finnish language menu screen.

Download firmware v1.0.4 for the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV | EOS 5D Mark IV at B&H Photo

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