I'll bite
Some folks have started an online petition to Canon to “fix” the 5D Mark II movie mode. Since the community has been so good to me, I'll return the favor on this one.


What the community wants from you Canon

  • To manually change the aperture
  • To manually change the ISO
  • To manually change the shuwhtter speed
  • To be able to record in 24p, 25p, (30p)

I have heard from various people Canon is actually addressing at least one of those requests. We'll see what happens.

Head on over to the site and get involved.

Google Ads
I answer a lot of the same questions in emails countless times. I love doing it as its part of being the guy that writes on this site.

I will answer this question/concern for the 4th time on this site.

I do not have total control over what ads appear via Google Adsense. I know various bait and switch sites pop up from time to time. I have 200 scam sites currently blocked with Google, unfortunately that is the maximum I can block. These scam sites find various ways to slip through the cracks and there's nothing I can do about it.

Canon Rumors Public Service Announcement
If it's too good to be true, it is. There are no bargains in photography.

Thanks again.


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  1. I’m a photographer and video guy. I own Hi-def video cameras and Canon stills gear. I’ve made my living doing this for over 20 years, traveling the world in a mostly documentary capacity. I love my 5D and of course the superb Canon optics. I would upgrade in a heartbeat to the new 5D if it had manual video controls. To be able to use Canon lenses and control depth of field is a no brainer. I’m surprised that some stills guys feel there is no need to have a camera that does both things well and that it somehow compromises the offer. I’m all for carrying less, having the best lenses and having an either/or ability available at the flick of switch. Given the ergonomics of the camera I probably wouldn’t want to shoot an entire production with one but sometimes, when everything is just right, you might capture that remarkable moment that happens rarely. Come on Canon! You do so much well that you should be embarrassed to offer a camera that comes so tantalizingly close … but then disappoints.

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