Red squirrels


Apr 3, 2013
Isle of Wight
Hi Kieth.
Thanks for the explanation, my squirrels are from a local ‘reserve’ where they are fed by locals too, but they still se3m quite flighty!
I do hope the graveyard Squirrel doesn’t learn about people the hard way!

Cheers, Graham.

The first set are from a country park where they're actively looked after and fed by visitors, so they're remarkably chilled out about people; the second set were an unexpected fluke - this being in a peaceful graveyard in a North Northumberland valley which is known for Spotted flycatchers but not for squirrels. I knew Reds were in the area, but I'd never seen them here.

I was hunkered down waiting for the Spotflys to show (not hidden away just sitting still and quiet), and this little fella(?) just appeared on a gravestone a few feet away, still a bit too young and naive to have learned to associate people with trouble.

In fact, he was still on the scene when I'd given up on the Spotflys and headed off to pastures new.