What about the 1d Mark IV? Does anyone here own one?



I've got a 7D and a 1DIV. Most shots tend to be Rock bands(Low light levels), and birds in flight(Need high FPS to ensure that I get the bird landing or whatever). Due to the great FPS and outstanding Low-light performance, I don't think you can beat the 1DIV.
That said, it's so heavy, that even with a sling, with a big lens on, my back really hurts after 3-4 hours, and it does scream "Pro photographer"-which the 7D doesn't, so it can be the wrong thing to have if you want candid shots


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Nov 9, 2011
celliottuk said:
so it can be the wrong thing to have if you want candid shots
But, ...having just switched from the 7d, I find the extra stop or two in low light performance allows me to grab 'party pictures' easier - the AFalso works better in low light, so I can grab a quick candid w/o flash. Maybe not always 'publishable' but good enough for web-sharing those moments your friends may or may not want to memorialize :)


Jul 23, 2011
north of CYYZ
CanonFanNum1 said:
As for surfers... I used the 1DmkIV last Nov at the ASP Rip Curl in SF. The 10 FPS bursts were pretty cool :). Take a look if you like (www.jmhpics.com). [... puts link to site ... expects noobs to flame him ... don't care :)]
Loved the photos, especially the dog chasing the ball across the beach. :)


Thanks for the positive comments about my site! ;D

I used the 1DmkIV a bunch over the weekend for late night sports and early morning nature too... it is quite exciting to know I can push the 1DmkIV up to ISO 12800 and still get a very very usable image. BTW I was at f2.8 too... so the 1DmkIV was the difference between getting the shot and not.

We shall see how well the 1DX does at 51200!!! My 2 cents: for all those complaining about the "lowish" megapixels on the 1DX... I would trade 2 more stops of ISO perf for just about any imaginable increase in megapixels you could throw at me in a heartbeat. No amount of megapixels will fix your blurry image. (On second thought, if your world revolves around landscapes and portraits only... I could see why you'd like more detail. I was just saying I personally would rather ISO perf than megapixels).

To Bayou and Michael... enjoy the 1DmkIV! Push up the ISO and blast away at 10 FPS :).


Nov 7, 2011
briansquibb said:
Michael_pfh said:
I should have never read this thread. Just bought an 1D4 mostly because of all the praisings here.

Hate you guys... ;)
Hope you enjoy your new toy as much as I do mine ;D
I certainly do enjoy my new toy so far. Did some test shots in the park on Sunday - none of those monitor lizards that were hanging out there managed to outswim the AI servo. Speed and image quality are a lot better than on my beloved 7D, did not expect such a big difference.
"Downgrading" from 1.6x to 1.3x crop seems to be a much less of an issue (in terms of loss of reach) than expected, at least not in combination with my 400 F2.8. The 5mm extra width on the wide end of my 16-35 are just great.