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  1. victorshikhman

    EOS R this holiday season? Is it worth it vs an R6?

    The EOS R is two years old now, and with the release of the R5/R6, its price should start coming down again for the holiday season. The lowest I ever remember seeing it for was around $1100 Refurb, which coming from Canon, is basically like new condition, and $1400 new. It seems likely we'll see...
  2. S

    2021 OLYMPICS? What will Canon need to have by then to have the pros shooting R?

    Obviously, two memory card slots. f/2.8 trinity for all the photography outside actual events. But what else?
  3. webzkey

    Upgrade to EOS R or wait?

    Hey Everyone, So I’ve been thinking about upgrading from my Canon 80D. The EOS R has really stood out to me based off all my research and watching it perform in the areas I would most likely use it in. (Portraits, Landscapes, YouTube Videos & Cinematics). I’m currently using both a Sigma 35mm...
  4. HikeBike

    Canon EOS R Firmware 1.4.0

    The firmware is now posted on the Canon USA site...but if you try to download it, you get a 404 error. Date shown is 9/26, which we can assume will be the release date. Firmware changes: Firmware Version 1.4.0 incorporates the following enhancement: 1. Enhances eye detection Auto Focus (AF)...
  5. Sleeplessin

    First time lapse vidieo using EOS R (love it too!!)

    I went to NYC last winter for 6 weeks. Next to my old Canon 5D Mark IV and very old 6D I was using my new Canon EOS R for shooting this time lapse and hyperlapse. Why I love it for time lapse and hyperlapse :love: It is very helpful for day to night time lapse that all buttons can be...
  6. W

    First video using EOS R (love it) after switching from Sony a7riii

    Just finished editing my first video using the Canon EOS R. I was a bit skeptical from reading all the reviews and switching from SONY but overall I am very pleased. There's something about Canon colors and the camera itself is easy to handle (interface, dials, etc...). My only real complaint is...
  7. A

    EOS R Hot Pixel experience?

    So I got my EOS R recently and have completely fell in love with the feel and abilities of this camera. Unfortunately there were a cluster of hot pixels on the sensor that appear in the middle of the EVF. They were stuck red, in addition to a stuck white one in the bottom left. I tried the...
  8. Maximilian

    EOS RP and EOS R promotions in Germany

    Hi everybody! It's GAS time again here in Germany. There is an EOS RP promotion with up to 200,- € cashback, if you buy it with some dedicated lenses. The promotion lasts until June, 30th. For further details look here. The EOS R has been included into the spring cashback, mentioned by me...
  9. I

    Switching from EVF from Manual/Auto can't save with Custom Buttons

    I like the EVF, But In video The EVF Auto Mode, it automatically switches back and forth when I have the camera on a gimbal. So I saved it with my video settings to be manually changed, then setup a button to toggle it on/off. So i have no gimbal issues But in picture mode i like having...
  10. Ivan Muller

    Street Portraits in the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho

    I have had the Eos R for a couple of months since its release and have done mostly commercial work with it and i couldn't wait to try it out for my personal work. In December I went to Lesotho for a week and stayed in a little village called Malealea...all these street portraits were made there...
  11. I

    EOS RP vs R vs M50 vs 1DX mk2

    Hi, new guy here. I got curious to see side by side the specs of these great cameras. The recent 3 mirrorless, and the king. To me it is amazing how the king stands up, after so much time. It gives me hope about the "lasting" of the gear. Here is the chart, in a dropbox PDF...
  12. Stuart

    AF to -6ev, but what about with an F4 lens Canon?

    I love the spec of Canon's new EOS-R focusing down to -6ev when using their new RF 50mm f1.2 lens. BUT i can't find any information on what it can achieve using a more normal F4 lens - such as the 'kit' 24-105 F4 it might be supplied with? Is it actually better than my rated -3ev EOS 6D camera...
  13. E

    85mm: Which one to buy used now to hold value for resale when RF comes out?

    I'm a new EOS R owner and loving the camera so far. I'm finding myself craving an 85mm lens for it already and since I'm new to Canon, I don't have a lens portfolio to choose from. I have the Canon adapter so I can use EF lenses no problem, but I don't want to do so long-term knowing there's...
  14. hmatthes

    CarePAK PLUS "Penalty" to Early Buyers of EOS R

    I've been a loyal Canon USA supporter for 30 years (still have my 1988 EOS 650). My first day order arrived October 11th and I am happy! Canon USA has a new program for free CarePAK Plus for EOS R buyers after October 21st... Sorry early adopters. You are screwed out of the $200.99 promotion...
  15. M

    Just got an email from B&H about my backorder status

    I preordered on September 21. The email just said: “The following is still out of stock.” Then it shows the EOS R kit and grip that I ordered. Is this email irrelevant? Or does it mean that I’m not going to get mine shipped during the first wave of shipments?
  16. M

    Novoflex: new lens adapters for EOS R and Nikon Z

    German precision accessories maker Novoflex announces a range of new adapters for EOS R and Nikon Z mount for a number of lens series. Some Canon users might be especially interested in the adapter version for FD lenses to EOS R mount. Novoflex states November 2018 availability for its new EOS R...
  17. M

    Design of the EOS-R. An interview with product development manager

    I used Google translate which seemed OK: https://news.mynavi.jp/article/20180910-690162/ Some interesting points that I found: The number of pixels itself is the same as EOS 5D Mark IV, but the sensor itself is newly developed...It is raising ISO sensitivity more than EOS 5D Mark IV. Digic 8...