EOS RP and EOS R promotions in Germany


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Nov 7, 2013
Hi everybody!

It's GAS time again here in Germany.

There is an EOS RP promotion with up to 200,- € cashback, if you buy it with some dedicated lenses.
The promotion lasts until June, 30th. For further details look here.

The EOS R has been included into the spring cashback, mentioned by me in another thread some weeks ago.
Here you won't get cashback but 250,- € deposit for another purchase of a Canon product (e.g. an RF lens ;) )
That promotion lasts until April, 30th.

Both, EOS R/RP bodies or RF lenses are not included in the EOS plus X lens promo, that has no end date.

To all that decide on new gear enjoy your GAS ;)