1. C

    Linear polarisers on mirrorless bodies

    It is possible to use a linear polariser on a mirrorless body such as the R5. I thought circular polarisers were required when the mirror of the SLR had a portion that was transmitting as well as reflecting, i.e. to send light to the AF unit or exposure meter. As there is no mirror in...
  2. dolina

    Remaining EF DSLRs on Canon USA's product list

    These are the the currently available EF dSLRs currently sold on BH and Adorama released per year from newest to oldest 2020 - 850D aka Rebel T8i - 1D X Mark III 2019 - 90D - 250D aka Rebel SL3 2017 - 6D Mark II*** 2016 - 5D Mark IV*** - 80D** - 1D X Mark II** 2015 - 5Ds R* 2014 - 7D Mark...
  3. CanonGrunt

    Canon FDn 135 f/2

    Hi, I shot this on with the Canon FDn 135 f/2 on my M5 with an FD to EF-M adapter (No added elements unlike the EF adapters). Shot wide open at f/2. I've been picking up these lenses where I can so I can do the ED Mika conversions on them and use them with my c500, but I've been testing each...
  4. killswitch

    Your take on the second Canon EOS R body

    I am excited about the new Canon EOS R, and hopefully they will resolve the continuous Eye-AF tracking with a firmware update as posted by CR. I am curious what you folks feel the second body (that is expected to be announced in the coming months???) going to look like in terms of features and...
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