1. C

    Tether - lose connection, why?

    I tether with my R5 in Lightroom. After different time the camera loses the connection to the notebook. On the camera display is then often "Saving" and a number. I can turn off the camera, but it does not turn off. Only when I remove the tether cable, the camera can be switched off again. Then...
  2. HarrisonB

    Anybody shooting with an R5 tethered in C1?

    I'm starting to do more freelance studio work and want to shoot tethered in Capture One. I did a test shoot the other day and the transfer from camera to C1 was excruciatingly slow, taking seconds per image to render which added up very quickly for bursts of images. I'm shooting on an R5 going...
  3. drmikeinpdx

    Anyone doing wireless tethering to Lightroom with R-series body?

    Just got an R6 and the wifi connectivity is supposed to be pretty advanced. I'd love to be able to do wireless tethering to a laptop with Lightroom. Is there a way to make the camera link directly to the laptop or do you have to buy a third party gadget to mount on your hot shoe?