1Dx3 - to be honest a bit disappointed

Jack Douglas

CR for the Humour
Apr 10, 2013
Alberta, Canada
Every opinion is worth considering. I suspect that the expectations of some are extremely high and others not nearly so and as a result we read criticism or praise not knowing if it's realistic. It's easy for me to imagine that my 1DX2 is essentially useless unless I reflect on what it has given me over the last few years rather than what I missed. What is clear, whether people love or criticize the R5, it's speed of focus is so much faster than Canon predecessors and for me that's where most of my failings lie. I do have concern about the issues just raised because I have almost exclusively been a single spot point shooter and that's where the 1DX2 has shone relative to my previous 6D. Many criticized the 6D buttons/layout but I never found them to be very problematic but have found the 1DX2 joystick to be clumsy slow.