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Mar 4, 2013
Northstar said:
btw I have been mugged at knife point twice already and all my equipment stolen..its not something I care to experience for a 3rd time and so I take great care of my personal safety...no image imo is worth dying for, so yes I don't go into areas I would consider too dangerous...and so these images were made in a relatively safe environment...

Good reason to have a 50 1.8 on an older camera body for walk around gear, and for photography in places more prone to crime

I carry a firearm concealed while doing street photography. Well, I carry a firearm period, camera or not. Im licensed by the state of Ohio


Peace unto all ye Canon, Nikon & Sony shooters
Aug 22, 2012
Northstar said:
Ivan Muller said:
...or comprehensive insurance!

I just left my bag with a 1dx and 70-200 at the hockey arena where I was shooting....Realized what i had done when i got home. Drove right back and there it was, still sitting on a bench where I left it.

It must have sat there unattended for an hour with all kinds of people around.....lucky.
Lucky indeed.


Mar 7, 2012
sandymandy said:
bad luck......i wasnt there to snatch it! 8)
Sometimes a package is left back by design! Because "not nice" things are in it... I'd suggest don't snatch ;)
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