All-in-One card reader for CF Express B + SD + MicroSD?

Does anyone know of a reliable all-in-one reader for CFexpress-B, SD, and MicroSD cards? Browsing through Amazon, it looks like any reader that has CFexpress does not offer a micro SD slot, and vice versa.

I've been using this CFexpress + SD reader for about a year using a MicroSD to SD card adapter. Transfer speeds seem to be generally decent for CFexp and SD, but other than that, I'm not at all happy with it. The SD card is somewhat loose and has disconnected on me a few times during a transfer. Also, the reader will occasionally get hot to the point where you can't hold the back of your hand against it for more than a few seconds at a time. The whole thing makes me uneasy. I've swapped it out for a replacement about a month into owning and the second reader is no different.

I appreciate any suggestions or product recommendations.
I've been using this Prograde CFexpress + SD reader since I got my R3, and it's worked flawlessly for transferring photos from my R3 on CFe alongside 4K videos from my Vixia HF G60 from SD. Prograde makes a SD/microSD reader as well, but not one with all three AFAIK.
That's the same one that's been sitting in my B&H cart for the last 2 days. How is the SD connection? Is it the "push to eject"/spring type, or is it held in only by the friction of the contacts?
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