Canon Cinema EOS C300 Mark III is the next cinema camera coming [CR2]

Joel C

CR Pro
Sep 22, 2019
Tacoma, WA
While it's disappointing to hear that a C100 III isn't likely, I can understand Canon's reasoning. The Panasonic S1H, upcoming Sony A7S III, and possibly even the Sigma fp would likely outclass it while sporting full-frame sensors at lower or equal price points. The C200 appears to be the new entry model for the cinema line.

A non-linear successor to the C100 line that I'd like to see is an ILC RF mount XC camera with a 6k Super35 sensor. It doesn't need Cinema RAW light like the C200, just a decent 60fps of uncropped 6k with the rock-solid C-log profiles and 10-bit 4:2:2 internal. I think a camera like that would put up a hell of a fight against the S1H and A7S III even with a Super35 on a full-frame lens platform.
I agree, it is really dissapointing that there will never be a c100 mark iii. I thought that there was supposed to be a ILC XC20, which seemed likely for a long time and now, it's looking like if they ever do that camera, it wil not be an interchangeable lens. Which, is really kinda pointless in my opinion to spend that kind of money (the xc15 is still close to 2k$) on a camera that you cannot swap the lens...

It looks to me they are forcing the EOS R as a response, which I finally gave in and ordered one, so I cannot say that they are completely wrong.

Michael Clark

Now we see through a glass, darkly...
Apr 5, 2016
Agreed. The S1H is nearly perfect if you don't need AF (though DR/Highlight control seems lacking from what I've seen) and I'm excited to see what the A7s III offers. Especially if it has the S Cinetone profile the new FX9 has. To my eye that's fixed all the color issues Sony has had.

I'm just a person on the internet, but if Canon wanted to get people into their mirrorless mount and sell people RF glass, a C100 III in RF mount would certainly help do it. Take the C100 II body, put in an RF mount, make the LCD touchscreen, and give it 4k up to 60fps in the pedestrian 4:2:0 8 bit. Charge $3,999. I'd wish for a lot more feature-wise but it's the kind of standard, unexciting Canon fare we'd get. Regardless they'd stop ignoring the sub $5k video market and sell a ton. I can already see young youtubers marveling at built-in ND's, a handle with XLR inputs, and a removable grip for gimbal use because they were only 13 when the original C100 released. Not leveraging video to get people into their new system shows how much Canon has underestimated the importance of video IMO.

If they put it in an RF mount, it wouldn't be a C100 Mark III. It would be a CR 100 or something.