Canon EF 24-70mm f/4L IS USM


CR Pro
Feb 3, 2013
MrFotoFool said:
JD7 all are nice, but the mountain lake/meadow scene with the snow capped peaks in back is stunning!

I also like the panorama of the lake and mountains. Is that a stitched panorama or did you just crop the top and/or bottom off a single shot?
Thanks MFF. You've been doing a great job trying to kick start this thread. I love the puma shot!

The panorama of the lake and mountains is a single frame which was cropped. I am a fan of stitched panoramas though, and I have taken a number of them with this lens.

I have the shot of the lake/meadow with the snow capped mountains, and the photo below, both printed at 45" x 30" and framed. Unfortunately though we are renting at the moment and I can't hang them, so at the moment they are both just leaning against a wall :(



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Jul 29, 2012
Don Haines said:
Just before getting soaked today.... Watch out Click! It’s headed your way......
Yes, we received it!

We got some pretty nasty storms yesterday.

Nice shot, Don.