Canon EOS M50 Mark II announcement is likely this week


Dec 24, 2019
Good is unders
It's a good lens but i was surprised how slow the AF is with that lens. The cheap 15-45 zoom is blazing fast in comparison.
Good is understatement, I squeak like a little girl the first time i see my picture shot with that lens on proper screen, i honestly think they should put a red ring around that lens

The sluggish af is understandable, it's tiny sharp glass that can do macro for 150 bucks, so good that i think that canon is not making money by selling it so cheap
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Oct 4, 2020
700D? I mean there's so much that it can run rings around your 700D. perhaps the only thing it cannot is your cable release. it won't have it. You do have a bluetooth release and tethered smartphone though.

Everything else it mops the floor with it. the APS-C 24MP sensors are night and day better than the 18MP sensors, and it's cheap too. should be around $650 at launch for body only - and a TON smaller than your 700D.

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With the Bluetooth remote, can you lock the shutter on continuous mode? I do this with my cable for Astro photography.
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