Canon officially announces 4 new RF lenses, mount adaptors and Speedlite EL-100


EOS 5D Mark IV
Apr 27, 2011
I’d be excited if it was an RT master...but this? Meh.
I agree on the RT part. I really wish Canon would stop being so stingy with RT Master use. It's barely used at all except in expensive external devices. Come on, Canon! Integrate it into the camera! (Or at least make a low profile device useful.) The EL-100 was a perfect chance to do this. I would have paid another $100 to have RT master functions in the EL-100.

But my dream is still for the RT Master to be in-camera and also have a small EL-100 "RT" so it would be easy to remove the flash and use it off camera with my hand/arm and keep shooting. (Or any number of other myriad flash scenarios where an in-camera RT Master would be ideal.)
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Canon EF 300mm f/2.8L IS II USM
Sep 7, 2018
on the one hand I´m a little disappointed about the new R-System and at the end also about the pricing for the new lenses - on the other hand I´m calmed down, because there is no need for me to buy new gear - with my 1dxII and my L-lenses I´ll top the current R-system-body for serveral years.
I'm curious about the new bodies canon will develop in the next ten years - but at the moment: no need to change anything - thank you very much CANON, for saving my money hahaha !!!