Canon releases an interim financial report

Nov 3, 2014
Are you factoring in stock splits over that time period? :unsure:
I just spent a few minutes looking at the NYSE chart which usually factors in stock splits. I don't really follow the stock so I don't know if they split during the boom years. I think they pay a decent dividend so I'm not sure it's intended to be a growth stock but nobody wants to burn off that much share appreciation. As I said I'd be more concerned if it was an American company. Japanese companies seem to run on a different model. They're still making a profit. They trade in the US on the NYSE as CAJ if you are curious.
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Apr 8, 2019
We can't all make insightful posts like yours but I'll try harder in the future. Thanks for sharing.
But really he’s actually right. If only Canon and all us financial analysts were out there PRINTING MONEY we wouldn’t be such losers. Canon could easily reverse this downward trend if they followed Doctor Who’s own analysis.

Must have a PHD in awesomeness.