Canon USA teases the Canon EOS R5c announcement

Well done, you and pretty much everybody else with even half a brain…

However saying you are sure without saying why means to the reader you are guessing, just like everybody else.
Can you post the links of "everyone else" stating specific specifications of the R5C a week or more ago? And not just one person saying 1 random spec, but multiple specifications which are accurate?
Even on here it was stated as a 8K30 camera, which was wrong.
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Dear Unfocused. Thank you for such a sweet note. I appreciate your participation a lot too. I am here to stay! A bully is a bully because of having been bullied. They are hurting inside, and want to put people down to feel superior. So let's have compassion for such people. I am sure Neuro is a nice person when he is not insulting. And so knowledgeable. :)
Just been looking at your site. Really impressive work. I look forward to seeing more of it.
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