Deal: Litepanels Brick Bi-Color On-Camera LED Light $199 (Reg $399)

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Canon EOS 40D
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  • Jul 20, 2010
    <p>B&H Photo has the Litepanels Brick Bi-Color On-Camera LED Light in the DealZone for $199 (Reg $399) today only.</p>
    <p class="fs16 OpenSans-600-normal product-highlights-header"><strong>Product Highlights</strong></p>
    <ul class="top-section-list" data-selenium="highlightList">
    <li class="top-section-list-item">Weatherproof, High-Bright, Bi-Color</li>
    <li class="top-section-list-item">Tungsten-to-Daylight Variable Color</li>
    <li class="top-section-list-item">Ideal for On-the-Go Outdoor Shooters</li>
    <li class="top-section-list-item">Surface-Mount LEDs & Paired TIR Optics</li>
    <li class="top-section-list-item">100W Tungsten Equivalent Output</li>
    <li class="top-section-list-item">36° Beam Angle; Flicker-Free</li>
    <li class="top-section-list-item">100 to 0% Brightness Dimmer</li>
    <li class="top-section-list-item">Dedicated Power Button</li>
    <li class="top-section-list-item">Integrated D-Tap Cable; AC/DC Supported</li>
    <li class="top-section-list-item">Silent Passive Cooling</li>
    <p><strong><a href="">Litepanels Brick Bi-Color On-Camera LED Light $199</a></strong> (Reg $399)</p>
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