Delkin announces world’s first 2TB CFexpress card


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May 9, 2013
San Diego
I have a 1TB from prograde digital, and it’s not fast enough for RAW video recording. It’s pretty annoying!
Back when I first got the MK III I had commented on another users post that the 64GB Sandisk card included was too slow to meet most of the video requirements. The OP was using the ProGrade Gold cards and mentioned the same thing you said. The Cobalt series might be better suited, based on the stated speeds. I haven't had any issues with the Delkins at 4k60, though those have all been short clips as I don't really focus on video.


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Oct 3, 2015
as much as I appreciate advancements in size I suspect it is semi niche for video folks not just photo users. Most likely anyone who is shooting bitrates and bitdepths that would make use of such size cards I suspect will be using dockable recorders or external recorders which all tend to write to SSDs.


Dec 25, 2017
How much is it going to cost? $2000? lol
Current cards with 1tb are around 600€. Usualy the price is pretty much linear, so I guess around 1200€.
Which is indeed a lot xD but the upcoming R5 with 8k RAW makes this necessary... the 1DX III can record 52minutes in raw on 2tb... and thats only 6k. 8k is around twice the resolution, so a 2tb card is likely to get you 25 minutes recording time xD
I guess with these datarates it will be mainly used for special effect shots where lots of heavy post production is necessary and the space wont allow for a big cinema camera.


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Nov 8, 2011
Interesting, this has to be oriented to cameras like the R5 with 8K video I am guessing.
I generally download my photos after a shooting session (Walk in the yard, short day trip or the beach etc.) I just would not trust keeping a months worth of photos and more on the card and something get screwed up on my part, the camera or the card and lose it all.
In fact on vacations I carry several cards and sometimes change them out more than once in a day as I visit several sites for the same reason then download at night.
Might seem silly to some but mistakes happen.
Not silly at all! I just do something different. I take backups in portable devices daily and continue keeping the photos on the card. So on my vacation I have 2 copies. When I come back I copy them again to disk(s) and then I am free to format the card(s).
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