Do you have an RRS L-bracket for the R5 or R6 pre-ordered?


CR Pro
Sep 15, 2020
Mine was delivered yesterday, it is very well made, on par with my other smallrig brackets. It is sitting next to the BG-R10, spare batteries, CFe card and CFe reader, awaiting delivery of an R5. So I can't say how it fits on the camera.
I ordered it directly from to get it laser engraved, the estimated '5 weeks' for lead time was 6 days and it took a week to go from China to my desk.
I have the smallrig L bracket for the R5. It fits well and seems well made - and much more reasonably priced ($30 + $10 shipping). The screen can be opened and rotated - however, if the screen is extended (away from the R5 body), it cannot be tilted.