Eos Rp or R for $400 more

Feb 6, 2020
OP probably made his camera decision a while back-- just offering my own humble experience.

I don't have any out-of-store experience on the R but I have and 80D and an RP.

The RP is a great little camera for the money. Lots of value there. I got mine open-box for $850. How could I pass on that?

The RP sensor "only" has 12 stops of D-range at ISO100 where the 80D and R do a stop to a stop and a third better. The RP evens out with the R past ISO800, which is also where the RP starts kicking crap out of the 80D. On the 80D, you're probably starting to get pretty noisy at ISO1600, but noisy is better than blurry, so you grit your teeth and suffer though it. On my RP, I'll gladly shoot ISO3200 and get great results. Those fatter pixels are just better at catching photons.

My 80D may still be my main for landscape... I just don't know yet. The more I use my RP the more I like it. Ijust have to work a little differently. When I shoot outdoors with my 80D, I'll shoot -2/3 to -1 EV because the metering feels way off and I get pretty good results recovering shadows so I feel fine with that. I'll bracket if I'm THAT worried about it.

Anyway-- you can't be so cavalier exposing left with the RP. If you try to recover 2+ stops of shadows, you'll wish you didn't. This doesn't make the RP a bad camera... you just have to work around your limitations. Use your tripod and bracket, or do a better job getting the exposure right. You can even see the histogram in the evf, so that's pretty sweet if you're hand-shooting.


EOS M6 Mark II
Jul 11, 2012
personally I would think the battery life is the biggest factor for these two cameras. I love my R, battery doesnt last quite like a dslr but I personally dont feel constained by it. Given the rp's lower capacity, id weigh this into your use case.
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CR Pro
Nov 8, 2011
I got the R kit back during a Black Friday offer (2400 euros). The RP was cheaper but I didn't care.
I wanted a sensor similar to my 5DIV, the closing of the shutter when turning the camera off, the top LCD and the same battery with my other cameras.

The reason is I wanted to add RF15-35 and RF24-70 to my kit although I do not know when I will really need them (I wish I had them back in September when I had visited Rome).
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