Firmware: Canon Cinema EOS C300 Mark III v1.0.1.1

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  • Jul 20, 2010
    As promised, Canon has released firmware v1.0.1.1 for the Canon Cinema EOS C300 Mark III. This is a major firmware update that adds a lot of new features and functionality.
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    Firmware Version incorporates the following fix and enhancements:

    Adds [XC Protocol].
    Adds [1.8x] to the Anamorphic De-squeeze setting.
    Add 2048×1080/1920×1080 option to the 12G-SDI output when recording resolution is 4K or 5.9K RAW
    Adds MON.OUT and HDMI Simultaneous output option. (1920×1080p/i)
    Adds Look File function(3D LUT file .cube)
    Adds ITU-R.BT.709 standard-compliant Gamma [BT.709 Standard / BT.709] the to the Custom Picture.
    Adds Power Saving Mode. (by restricting some functions)
    Adds [2x] option to the Magnification.
    Adds [Mask 100%] to the [Aspect Marker]
    Adds the ability to update the MON.OUT/HDMI output from 59.94P to 29.97P (or 23.98P) has been added.
    Adds the option for ‘same file name’...

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