Further talk about the fate of the EOS M system


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I am a bit curious about this as well. The baron must be a friend or family. And then there's private's new avatar...
I think actually this Baron-Karza has simply stolen Private's avatar. I'm quite astonished and somewhat disappointed that the mods have allowed it to happen, especially when privatebydesign is a long standing and respected member and contributor to the forum.


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Nov 3, 2012
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I think there should be a "small" R like Sigma Fp or the new Sony A7C, or maybe 2 versions :
- a more affordable APS-C
- a FF

With smartphones photography improving at every new generation the gap between phones and small affordable camera is narrowing.

Why would Canon develop such a camera if the expected selling numbers are small?

I would for sure buy a small R as a second body.