There may be as many as three RF mount APS-C cameras on the horizon [CR1]


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Sep 3, 2019
I must say that even without the complications of the EF-M mount list, it looks incredibly over-complicated...
Well the M series is totally and completely separate (and also confusing just on its own terms). The M numbering might as well be a different brand for all the relationship it has to the EF (not M) series.
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I hope the R7 will be the R version of the non-existent 7DIII.
While I have no idea how Canon choose their designations I'd have expected the 90D to become an R10 and the XXX range an R100 so that gives a similar upgrade path to the EF ranges.
However, wanting to move to FF (I was all ready to get a 5DIV) the R6/R5 route seems possible.
But with an R6 I would need a new UWA lens as the crop mode is lo res , and probably the longer lenses too as the pixels are larger. Maybe stretch to a 100-500.
With an R5 I might just be able to keep the 10-22 in crop mode and save a bit initially. But still need the 100-500.
So an R7 would be ideal starter for me if it had, say, 24MP BIS for low noise. Oh, and eye focus selection as a BIF unit.
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Good point - serious question: does the R5 offer a crop mode? Didn't know that. My 5D4 doesn't have this option, only the aspect ration can be changed, 1:1 is the smallest image you can pre-select. Anyway, I guess an R7 as a real 7D successor should be a fast camera settled below half the prize of an R5 and - hopefully - offer everything I need for birding. For FF, I still am happy with my 5D4.
The R5 with an EFs lens you have 18Mp and 20 pic/sec
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