Getting Photos Printed (UK)



Hi all,

I've got a few really top shots from the Olympics which I'm wanting to get printed really decent quality for framing.

I'm guessing that getting them done at Snappy Snaps probably isn't the best option but I've no idea where would be best get them printed or what type of printing / paper would be best.

I'm based in London but don't mind getting them done online if necessary.

I've attached an example (hope it works?!) so any suggestions would be very welcome :)




Your photo is awesome. It will make a memorable print.I wish I'd watched more of the Olympics but I've taken advantage of the dry weather to do some overdue work in the garden.

My recommendation is ProAm Imaging. Very reasonable prices for the larger prints. Follow the instructions carefully to prepare your prints - and download their colour profile for best results.


Excellent thanks, I'll check that one out.

Incidentally, I've also elsewhere been recommended Printspace on Kingsland Road and Metro Imaging on Great Sutton Street in case anyone else is interested.


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Oct 18, 2011
I use DS Colour Labs and have been very happy with results up to 20x16 (haven’t got them to print anything bigger but I’m sure it would be just as good)

As CanonCameraFan - Follow the instructions carefully to prepare your prints - and download their colour profile

I think their prices are very good except for canvas

PS my local Snappy Snaps does a very good job of film scanning, may be I'm lucky the guy is good! ;D
Aug 20, 2012
I use Loxley Colour (Glasgow Company) for all my printing. The quality is excellent and the price is not too bad too. Next day delivery is cheap and they come in good packaging so not to get damaged.
Sep 12, 2012
Another +1 for ProAm Imaghing of Bradford, just got 15 images at 16" x 12" delivered to my door within 24 hours of upload for £26-00.