Here are the Canon EOS R7 and Canon EOS R10

Michael Clark

Now we see through a glass, darkly...
  • Apr 5, 2016
    For some of us, it replaces everything that we need.

    For many of us, no single camera can do everything that we need very well. Different use cases require different tools.

    In may ways, an R5 (or even an R6) + an R7 works better than a single R1 might, even though the R1 will very likely cost more than an R5 + R7 combined. Even an R6 + R7 may work better and cost about the same as a single R5 for those who need to shoot with different lenses mounted on two bodies at the same time.

    It's not much different than how much better even a mid-grade normal zoom (24-70/4) + a mid-grade telephoto zoom (70-200/4), maybe even from a third party like Tamron or Sigma, will serve most of us better than a single 28-300mm/3.5-5.6L that costs more than the other two combined.
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    EOS R6
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    Jan 5, 2013
    So, has anyone rec'd notification that their R7 body or kit has shipped?? Supposedly, they were to start shipping today, June 23, from various vendors, including B&H. As of late this morn, I have not rec'd any shipping info on mine. I pre-ordered early on May 24. Still shows backordered on BH site, as well as Canon USA store. Y'day, Amar Talwar of 247 media group put out a YT video, stating that he had spoken with B&H y'day, who indicated his R7 body would be shipping today. Of course, the day is not over yet, so maybe we'll see some posts from fellow CR members, indicating their R7's have shipped.
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    Stig Nygaard

    EOS R7, Powershot G5 X II & Olympus TG-5
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    Jul 10, 2013
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    EOS 90D
    Aug 12, 2020
    I was just looking at the specs of the R10 and it occurred to me that it very well may be the intended replacement to the RP. If Canon truly isn't going to directly replace the RP with another full frame low cost body (I hope that they do, the 5DIV sensor and updated electronics would be great), the R10 very well may be it. I see the RP as the upgrade path for digital rebel and M series users because it uses the same battery, the LP-E17 and sensor aside, shares many of the same electronics. The R10 also uses that same battery and has similar resolution as other rebel and m series bodies, so very well could be the new intended gateway body to migrate users to RF mount over time.
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