ICYMI: Here’s a patent for the upcoming Canon RF 5.2mm f/2.8L VR Lens

Stig Nygaard

EOS R7, Powershot G5 X II & Olympus TG-5
CR Pro
Jul 10, 2013
but also does this mean it won’t work on even the R3? I can see maybe not the rp/r maybe were developed before bringing this into the lineup, but hopefully the 3 & 6 will come later on?

Having two image circles captured at once on same image sensor, it probably only makes much sense on high-megapixel sensors.
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Canon r6
Mar 23, 2020
Frankly, VR has been created by Quicktime VR in the 1990's. Many tools exists including specialized heads. With my R6 using a 24mm lens and stitching the image together I will achieve much better resolution than the R5 with this set up. Having said that for video, moving crowds and in the water, this will be a great tool because has perfect timing. We do have this already with specialized camera, but the optic and sensors are less sophisticated. Like other similar technology, it is also the post-processing work that matters, and they seems to have done their homework.
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