Industry News: Olympus to sell imaging business by the end of the year


CR Pro
Sep 3, 2019
That’s announcement is meant to make things look good , but it misses a number of serious problems, such as management concealing fraud of $1.7 billion for ten years before finally getting caught. This put a major crimp in the company. They’ve never been the same. And since then, they’ve continued to be mismanaged.

JIP is no savior. TheY destroyed Sony/s Vaio line when they bought it. Now it’s just a few pieces of junk. I expect the same will happen here after a few years if this goes through. JIP itself was set up for a specific purpose, well two actually. One is to get around japans laws and customs where they aren’t allowed to close a division, or a company if that means losing jobs. There are circumstances where that’s allowed, but olympus couldn’t do it. JIP can, slowly but surely, and just keep what ever they want.

the second reason is to keep Japan’s IP out of foreign hands. They are practically paranoid about this, and it’s thought that the reason Gossen was “set up” was to get rid of him and his management team as they became more integrated with Renault.

Perhaps I should nab one of their water-resistant point-and-shoots soon.
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