Industry News: Sony officially announces the A7 IV and new flashes


CR Pro
Sep 3, 2019
It's a slow camera with so-so IQ. But better resolution than the R3... And miles behind the Z9

Wondering where the R1 is in development? Seems aside from the Z9 nothing exciting going on in the FF market.

Fuji MF now dominates with their 50s and 100s..... Leaving Hasselblad to figure out how to justify a $47,000 USD body.

Canon where are you?????? The R1 could fill gaps not only where the Z9 leaves off, but bridge the gap to the Fuji market.....

We sit... we wait....

I would expect it will be, spec-wise, a lot like a step up from the 1Ds you seem to loathe, in other words relatively lo-res. Why change the meaning of 1 series?

I was surprised the R3 turned out to be low res, actually. A "new" number could have been a high res monster,
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