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Oct 19, 2011
Middle Europe
I need advice please, how to storage the pictures on CF/Sd cards on an SSD when you are travelling.
I found some expensive external SSDs that are aroung 700-1000€ on Amazon that offer built in readers. Or there are some shortcomings/negative postings.

Do you an cheaper solution or way for that purpose? (It should storage about 1GB-2GB.)?

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Mar 25, 2011
I think you must mean 1 TB ot 2 TB not GB.

A cheap solution is to use two devices, a battery powered hub and a portable SSD Drive.

1. A battery powered SD reader / hub/bridge like this for about $80:

2. A portable case for a SSD like This for $10:

and, a SSD of choice($120 and up).

As I understand it, the hub will read your SD card and transfer files to a connected hard drive. It can also recharge your phone battery. You can control it for other functions using a phone app.

One Key Backup

Step 1: Plug into your flash drive/Hard drive and SD card. Wait until the 'SD' LED light will not flash. (Identify the device ready).

Step 2: When the LED light is not flash please keep press the button ' SD»usb ' about 5 seconds until the LED light is flash again.( Now RP-WD007 is reading your SD card.)

Step 3: Wait until the 'SD' LED light is no longer flashing then one key backup is completed.

Step 4: Now you can check your backup file 'SDbackup' in your flash drive/hard drive via our APP RAV FileHub or

For CF cards, you may be out of luck with a device like this its unlikely that there is a CF to SD port adapter!
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