New Canon EOS R3 orders may take up to 6 months to fulfill


Jun 25, 2012
I called my local retailer here in Canada the other week to ask them to put my name on a list for an R3, thinking it would takes weeks/months for them to get one in. The retailer informed me they had one in stock and it was mine if I wanted it.
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Jan 13, 2022
I just received my R3 a few days ago... I have a HUGE suggestion, and how I got mine.

Find a small camera store. In a town, and call them... even if you have to drive a few hours outside of wherever you live.

I said I wanted one, and they were able to get it in my hands in like a week and a half.

I was shocked, when I ordered it, I told them I just forgot about it because figured it wouldn't be in my hands for 6 months an they said, well since we are small we can get one in and not necessarily sell it right away because in smaller towns, more expensive cameras, stick on th shelves for longer
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