Patent: More patents related to a new style of ILC from Canon

My guess, It's a device for a different field.

1. thermal image camera/sensor for police, fire & Rescue, Home builders, etc.
2. IR - night imaging
3. speeding device
4. Some sort of tool that needs imaging, (Thank You Captain Obvious)
5. Ghost Busting imaging device

Because the unit only pivots up and down, I would say it's not a gimbal and it's going to be a related device & not something we would use as photographers. With that said, lets think outside our box and come up with some fun ideas?
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Mar 25, 2011
From what I read, its for Vloggers. The lens can be flipped by hand to bring the photographer / speaker quickly into focus and the hot shoe for a external mic rotates with the lens. The idea is to quickly switch from the Vlogger to focus another person or subject quickly and the mic switches as well. That allows a single hand held camera to be used. A interview might be a example.
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