Portugal Dreams: A Photographic Journey

Hi, I am just new in the forum and am now planning a trip to Portugal next year. I have seen lots of awesome photos in these threads by @cervantes

I’ve seen photos of most of the places I want to see and much more. Based on my research, these are also interesting places that I am interested in visiting: Monsaraz (one of the old settlements in southern Portugal), Monsanto (historic village in Portugal that was named the “Most beautiful Portuguese Village” back in 1938), and Madeira (Portugal’s premiere island and botanical nature haven).

Looking for more picturesque destinations in Portugal, especially the places you've visited. Thanks in advance! :)
Beautiful country. I hope you enjoy your trip.

Lisbon is certainly charming. The old fortress is a good visit with peacocks, as is walking around the adjacent neighborhoods.

South of Lisbon I enjoyed the Bacalhoa winery which started with a small but nice art gallery. We also found a place nearby that let us fire our own tiles.

Then Sintra with sites like the Pen Palace, Moorish Castle, and old estates such as Quinta da Regaleira.


Then in the South (Algarve), I enjoyed the cave tours by boat (Benegil sea cave), and vistas at Ponta da Piedade, and Praia Marinha.




As I said, I hope you enjoy your trip. I found it to be a great country to visit.
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@docsmith, your snapshots from Portugal are truly inspiring! The old fortress in Lisbon with its peacocks sounds enchanting, and the opportunity to create personal tiles is a unique touch. Your experiences at Sintra’s historical sites and the Algarve’s natural wonders like the Benagil sea cave add to the allure of these destinations. I appreciate the recommendations and will definitely consider adding them to my itinerary. Also, a big thanks to @Click for the kind words. As I’m quite new to photography, any advice on choosing the angle for my photos? I’ve seen the profile of “José S.” who is both a professional photographer and a local guide here https://gowithguide.com/portugal/guides. Do you think it is worth it to get the services of a local guide, especially one who is also a professional photographer, to help me with my shots?
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