R5C or R5? Not sure now..


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Dec 31, 2021
Hey everyone,

I am fairly new to photography and videography and plan to invest in my first proper camera. I have wanted the R5 since it came out but was always concerned with overheating issues. My goal is to get into photography as a side gig for real estate and just personal photos from my road trips. And then also to get into video as part of my drone company for capturing interior real estate shots and maybe eventually more, but for now real estate mainly.

As a 2022 side hobby, I’d also like to do some handheld Vlogging and posting to YouTube. Of the R5 and R5C, which would be my best option? I had pre-ordered the R5C this morning but then cancelled when I realized it has lack of IBIS. This is a concern for me as I don’t own a gimbal and don’t intent on getting one just yet..

Should I re-order? Or go with the R5? Wanted some objective views from the professionals here!


Jan 27, 2020
Not a professional, so you can totally ignore my comment, but I don't see anything in your photo or video needs that would require either the R5 or R5C, so I would recommend saving a few dollars and take a look at the R6. Unless you're doing wildlife, or other types of shots that need a lot of cropping, I think the R6 will be absolutely fine.
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