RRS L-Plate for RP


If only I knew what I was doing.....
Sep 8, 2012
Just got the L-plate from RRS (BEO-SRP). Seems to me it is the first one available. Although I often get plates from Kirk or even from unknown Ebay sources, I wanted this for an upcoming trip. A bit pricey but:
-No question about the quality of the RRS products
-Fit and finish is perfect
-While just a bit thinner than the Canon EG-E1 base, it still adds some height to the camera and still offers a nice "resting place" for my little finger.
-No issue I can see with the screen articulation of access to any flaps / ports.
-A little added "depth" to get to the battery door but not an issue for my fingers
-Lightweight enough that I don't notice it-Now easy to use my tripods which have QR clamps (main reason for getting the plate)

Only possible downside is that it uses a hex-screw instead of a thumbscrew so you'll need a tool to tighten it in the field. Some might find that an issue but I bring an Allen wrench for my tripod anyway.

So, in my opinion, while the pending products from Kirk or Promedia might be a bit cheaper and eventually there will be options available on Ebay, those of you who are looking for a plate now can go ahead with this one now and it works perfectly well