Sony A99 Rumored Specs "Leak"


Aug 12, 2012
Duuudee!! WHAT THE FCK?! You don't need 102 AF points, 7D got 19 and it's plenty enough for me 8)
Still kind of funny to see those 921k screens why not just put straight 1040k dot screen on that one like all the other DSLR makers have done now past models which they have released?

dr croubie

Too many photos, too little time.
Jun 1, 2011
So i'm confused as to what this camera is, actually.

In a normal d/slr, there's the mirror, which projects light upwards, through the prism, to the eye. Then the mirror is also kinda translucent, some light goes through it to a secondary mirror, which projects the light downwards where the AF sensor is. That's why AF sensor can't go all the way to the top/bottom edge, basically this second mirror also has to flip up too. In all that, i'm not sure where the light meter is. In old-school cameras it was in the prism, maybe it is these days too.

Now, an SLT or whatever they're called, there's no prism, and the mirror is fixed. When you put your eye to it, you're just looking at a small screen. So the AF points are at the top where the prism should be? And there's no metering sensor, because the sensor is on all the time for the 'viewfinder', it meters with it too?

Now, this a99 has me puzzled. If there's an AF sensor at the top, and the mirror is fixed, why have a J1/650D/EOSM-type sensor with AF points dispersed over the sensor? It's redundant. We already know that Sony's earlier SLTs could full-time video AF (at least, until the sensor overheated), why have a hybrid AF-in-Sensor too?

Unless there is no mirror at all? Then it's just a Pentax Q style mirrorless-in-a-dslr-body? Why not just make a bigger nex-9 with a smaller flange-distance and be done with it? (at least that way, they can make a FF body that takes any FF lens ever made, and sell a metric shiteload).

Still, if, for some strange reason, they do have AF on the sensor and AF up the top, are they counting both towards that '102 AF points'?


May 12, 2011
Damn these specs look pretty impressive:

Sony A99 specs

24.3 Mpx Full frame CMOS Exmor sensor
SLT technology
New Bionz imaging engine
14 bit RAW recording
10 fps
ISO 100 up to 25.600
50 ISO extended (with lower dynamic range)
102 AF point AF (11 cross).
AF range
MF assist
Dual Phase detection system (with AF phase pixels on sensor)
30 sec and 1/8000 maximum shutter speed
Time Lag 0.05 sec.
Shutter life guarantee of 200,000 cycles
2.360k OLED electronic viewfinder
3″921k LCD with same tilting system of the A77
Full HD video recording at 1920×1080/50p (US: 60p) AVCHD 2.0 format.
Clean HDMI output
Built-in stereo mic
Auto HDR capability
New multi-segment low pass filter
Photodiode expansion technology
Light concentration technology
Selective noise reduction
Ultrasonic anti dust system
In body image stabilization
Two memory slots: SD and SD+MS cards
USB: 2.0
Announced on September 12, 2012
Available in stores in late October 2012
New accessories to be released with the a99: battery grip, flash, remote control, microphone etc.
Very light, weather sealed magnesium alloy body.With 730 g this is the lightest FF body on market!
Price unconfirmed yet but should be at around 2800 Dollars.


Jun 18, 2011
102 AF points with only 11 cross looks like more of a headline grabber to me and I have my doubts it'll be the preffered tool of action photographers with Sony's weakenss on long lenses and the SLT mirror robbing 2/3 of a stop of light.