The Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark III is finally on the way

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Jul 21, 2010
Guess somebody cannot face the facts. LMAO!

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I really don't mind offending trolls.
Feb 8, 2014
Blyth, NE England
So Sony came out with the RX100 IV in 2015 which is now yesterday’s specs and in 2019 Canon finally comes out with the Canon RX100 IV. Sorry, but 3 1/2 years in the making, Canon has disappointed. Sony is now 3 versions ahead so give Canon til 2026 to bring out a comparable 2019 spec camera. Jeeeeez!

So - again - lets see the pictures that only your Sony can provide...

Meanwhile, the Canon will outsell your heroes by a country mile. In fact, I have to wonder if Sony would still be in business if if were not for other companies being prepared to keep them afloat by buying sensors off them.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but specs are no replacement for talent and ability.
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Not sure what's wrong with this deranged Powershot2012 guy. He seems to have made it his vendetta to log onto every forum and deride the Canon Powershot cameras. He provides no facts and repeats the same rubbish every time.

Personally, I'm very excited about the G7X3 and plan to buy one for my son. He's an avid YouTuber and currently uses a Sony Rx100 IV. He has no issues with the quality, but the menu system is horrendous and his #1 issue is the lack of an external mic port. I've been looking into several Micro 4/3rds cameras but they were a bit overkill since he's perfectly happy with the fixed lens and the video quality of the Sony. He only wants to improve the audio.

Although perhaps the Rx100 VII may follow suit, I think Canon really hit a home run here by including the external audio port. The lack of a headphone port isn't a biggie because a lot of YouTubers do everything themselves. They don't have the luxury of an extra person for audio.

I would have liked to see the mic port on the G5x as well. That camera makes a bit more sense for my uses, but without the port it's useless for my son so I'll be picking up the G7x3.

Also, comparing with the Sony - they haven't improved the image quality really at all from the Mark IV to the Mark VI. They've improved things like AF, frame rate, and added a longer lens, but the image quality is the same. Since the G7X3 has a much faster lens, perceived image quality will therefore be considerably better.
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