Triggering Flash remotely


Jan 22, 2012
Hi Sanj.
Sorry, I only found there was any issue after you said you had bought one, I was mooching around eBay and saw mkii versions and then I stumbled upon the site PJ linked.
Fortunately you have the mkii version so all should be good.
Contrary to PBD’s experience my YN-E3-RT has been faultless, plus I think it maintains the ability to fire the pre ‘16 cameras with the flashes and the YN-E3-RX definitely works, though I think they may have been discontinued so if you want one of the RX it will be eBay!

Cheers, Graham.
Thanks Graham


CR Pro
Jul 9, 2020
Las Vegas, NV
I've had good luck with the Godox/Flashpoint Xpro-C wireless trigger at about $70.

I started with the Yongnuo flashes but found that they overheat after about 18-20 flashes (it's in the manual) and you have to wait for them to cool down. I switched to Godox which will allow about 80 full power flashes which have never been a problem. I use the PB960 power pack to get almost instantaneous recharge and found I could easily overheat the Yongnuo flash during running and gunning photography.
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