Venus Optics officially announces the Laowa Argus RF 25mm f/0.95 for APS-C

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Jul 20, 2010
Anhui China, 25 October, 2022 – Venus Optics, the innovative camera lens manufacturer had already released a series of f/0.95 ultra-large aperture lens under the name “Argus” in last year. And today the company adding two new lenses to the Argus series:

Laowa Argus 18mm f/0.95 MFT APO – MFT
Laowa Argus 25mm f/0.95 APS-C APO – Sony E / Nikon Z / Canon RF / Fuji X / Canon EF-M

The new additions provide MFT and APS-C users with an option of about 35mm equivalent focal length. The ultra-fast f/0.95 on them makes shooting in low-light environments easier than ever and easily creates a dreamy look with the exceptionally shallow depth of field. Both lenses also have the APO design, which performs very well at combating chromatic aberration and provides outstanding sharpness even at wide open.
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Feb 25, 2015
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Other than handful of micro 43 lenses and 100mm Macro they seem to reluctant to add electromagnetic apertures. It would be seriously useful for these lenses.
Yes! They did have to redo the EF 100mm version, it triggered crop mode on RF bodies and they hadn't builtin an option for upgrade the firmware in the field. The person who reported that was given the option of sending the lens in or getting a PCB mailed and replace it himself. I think in the end they sent him a complete new lens.
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