What’s next for the Canon EOS R5 and Canon EOS R6?


CR Pro
Sep 3, 2019
I really tried to make the screen for moving focus points on the R, but being left eyed, I found my nose moved it more than my finger did. I tried limiting which area of the screen was active, but had no luck. I definitely prefer the joystick or the eye detect.

The one time I got to play with an R (for an hour or so), I certainly didn't have time to customize/debug it for my quirks, and my nose was constantly moving the AF point. I too am left-eye dominant, but can't imagine this wouldn't also be an issue for right-eyed people...the screen center lies to the left of the viewfinder; thus there's actually more space for your nose to hit the screen if it's to the left of the eye using the viewfinder.


5D4 + R5
Jul 13, 2020
I received my r5 Thursday, but it never had the chance to overheat because it kept throwing an Error 70 every 10-30 seconds. Called B and H because Canon said it was a dead/defective camera, but B and H can’t get me a replacement.

This is alarming. Hope they get you taken care of promptly. Seems they should have held some units for this type of swap out.

I've never bought this early in the cycle of a model, but I am not used to Canon putting items out with problems. This is the second problem I have heard about- another person cannot get the intervalometer working (could be a setting but he seems knowledgable). I hope Canon did not rush to market or rely on poor supply chain during these times just to beat competitors to a release. The overheating behavior is odd too, seeming to be time based and not cooling based which may mean a bad thermal design or bad firmware.

As much as I am liking my R5, I think the tiny MILC form factor the industry is so enamored with is stupid and prone to putting too much power in too small a space. It could take a while to shake out issues on this model, and a generation for any company to make a really solid hybrid that excels at both video and stills.


5D4 + R5
Jul 13, 2020
What has me worried is the following scenario:

I get up pre-dawn to shoot dragonflies covered with dew. The past week that meant temperatures between 15 and 21C (60-70F). Say I setup the camera on a tripod and start doing focus stacks. About an hour or so later the dragonflies will start moving, so no more focus stacks. I set it to 40k30HQ to film the dragonflies grooming, what will it say for the max record time?

Taking the manual at face value, it should show 20-ish minutes, since it's close or below the ambient temperature listed.

Taking twitter message at face value (I know, I know) it would show 0 minutes since the hour of stills capture will have heated up the internals.

I know that even in the 'no time left' case I can set it to 4k30 low quality and still get great looking footage. But I would feel annoyed :)

It would be different if I decided to try doing 4k120 of a grasshopper jumping away since there's no 'safe' mode for that. Maybe the rumoured 1080p120 in the also rumoured firmware update would solve that.

I pre-ordered the R5 for its stills capability, so I'm not cancelling, but I would very much appreciate a firmware update and/or updated manuals to make it more predictable before it gets delivered.

Yea hope they can improve it, but for the case you describe, the table and the language provided by Canon say that is not guaranteed. They should have marketed more carefully as stills cameras with some limited video. People heard the features and got excited and you can definitely blame Canon for sloppy marketing, even if I don't agree the camera is flawed, it is just mostly for stills with limited very HQ video.
Jul 30, 2020
If you are a videographer and you won't lose any money returning gear, I'd say go for it. The A7SIII is a near perfect video camera as long as IBIS is not that important to you.

If photos are important to you, or you have some kind of balanced hybrid workflow, I'd stick with the R5. This is assuming you can work with the heating and recording time limitations.

I don't do video, so that's not a concern for me. I'm looking at the a7r IV if I do switch.
Sep 2, 2021
You can feel a slight shake/ bump when moving it around in your hand without a lens. If you move it around fast enough, you can hear it move
I get a rattle and noise by just turning it over to put the battery in, is that normal?


EOS M6 Mark II
Oct 3, 2018
I’m just concerned as mine seems to moves more and make a slightly louder noise than the one I tried in the shop?
Things wear over time. My RF24-105/4 makes more noise than the RF24-105/4 we have at work that sits on a shelf that everyone refuses to use.
Just keep an eye on it but if it really concerns you, take it to CPS.