Your best Architectural & City B&W shots?

I don't know if it's one of my best, but it's one I have always liked.....

Victoria Hall

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Nov 11, 2012
Yorkshire, England
neuroanatomist said:
From the Eastern State Penitentiary...

"Toward the Light"

EOS 1D X, TS-E 24.0mm f/3.5L II, 3.2 s, f/14, ISO 100 (Processed as Tri-X with DxO FilmPack)

That does actually have a look of Kodak Tri-X ! Always had the ability to produce subtle tones whereas Ilford HP 5 was more punchy - but easier to use and process. Maybe DXO will bring out a Pan F treatment. I never got the most of using that one for real. Perhaps I could digitally ;D
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