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“A Great New DSLR”

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What’s around the corner?
If you check the latest Popular Photography Magazine, they make a reference to next months magazine showcasing a “great new dSLR”.

Canon? Sony? Nikon?


“If you found this magazine on the newsstand, you may have noticed a big change in our look. For the first time in many years, our newsstand cover is a portrait of a person, not a camera. Well, it was hard to resist a photo of Halle Berry to introduce this month’s special lighting features. The portrait cover is just an experiment. Next month, you’ll find a camera on the newsstand, because it’s also hard to resist a great new DSLR”

We’re getting close to some announcements in the photography world.

A lot of folks are waiting for a Canon EVIL camera, we’re going to be waiting into 2011 at least.

Sony is preparing their own EVIL camera to be announced on May 11, 2010.

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77 responses to ““A Great New DSLR””

  1. Thanks for that feedback.

    At least Canon UK is aware.

    Along with other users we are letting Canon USA and other centers know about this issue.

    A new blog post is also on the way…

  2. Makes no sense from a business standpoint, video is very cheap to put in their cameras and I can’t see them building a future mid-level camera without it. People who don’t like it simply don’t have to use it. But it WILL be there, especially if there’s a Digic V processor onboard, it’s something people are just going to have to live with if they stick with Canon

  3. As a Nikon user, if this isn’t a D700 replacement that can actually compete with the 5dmkII, I’m selling my Nikon/Nikkor gear and buying the 5d.

  4. RB67 Pro SD can be had for ~$200 on the used market, and I’ve snared a reasonably RB67 Pro SD for ~$410. When you’re using film, after a few years or so, the costs are comparable to that of a 5D II.

    A digital back, on the other hand, is potentially in the five digits, so whereas a used medium format camera is an interesting budget option, going up to a digital back means it’s no longer in the amateur segment.

    Oh, wait, kees was discussing the D3s. In that case, medium format digital backs, while offering superior color rendition and dynamic range, cannot compare to the Canikons in high ISO performance. That quasi-nightivision performance at ISO 102400? Not going to see that on MF.

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