The folks at The Camera Store in Calgary, Canada have completed their hands-on field test of the brand new Canon EOS 6D Mark II.


The original Canon 6D was the entry to full-frame shooting for many photographers, but it's been getting a little long in the tooth. The new version brings a number of features from the excellent 80D, along with a controversial new sensor. Is the 6D series still a great entry point into full frame? Chris Niccolls and Jordan Drake went to shoot BTS of a commercial film shoot to find out!

Special thanks to DDG ( John Cameron (, and Dave Patrick at Jet1

I generally think these guys are about the most honest reviewers out there and they have come away feeling the EOS 6D Mark II is a bit of a mixed bag. The feature set, usability and low light performance are to be commended, but the lack of 4K video and the lack of dynamic range improvement seem to be weighing heavily on this camera.

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