What will Henry's do?
It appears Henry's will NOT be honoring the previous price of the 5D Mark II, this is completey understandable. What Henry's will be doing is giving out a free 8gb Ultra II CF card to people with preorders. Henry's is contacting their customers at the moment with the news.

Thanks for the heads up.


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  1. Anyone anyone? bueller bueller

    name the show including the personality name

    and for bonus points name the filing cabinet….

  2. on another site regarding market: “None of this is good news (unless you can afford to run a car)
    Most of this is already baked in, and even manufacturers running just in time production are hurting by these ‘price movements’ due to contractual hedging / forward orders etc… ”

    I see in the comment that other manufacturers are ‘hurting’ by price movements – does that mean some companies actually take responsibility for their pre-orders? I would imagine only if they have to….legally

    SO does this mean Canon thinks it’s photographers are just dumb, or slow?

  3. so will the 8 gig card or camera battery resellers think we will accept as bait to dissolve our agreement actually cover the tax on the $300 and the interest on my deposit, what about opportunity lost for that money?

  4. The $300 is not much but this is about the principle and integrity. The dealer had sold the camera on a verbal contract guaranteeing a transaction price and provided a receipt for the order. The receipt also acts as a legal written contract for this transaction where you deliver the money, they deliver the product. Now, the dealer is unable to deliver the product as per contract, so they have breach the contract. Here is some suggestions for some of you who is looking to take this further. Call up your local Better Business Bureau, just google BBB Alberta and you can file a complaint online, they will help you resolve or mediate this. I believe we should stop this type of bad business practice. If the dealer cannot run a business ethically and professionally, they will not be in business in the first place.

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