50 MP (4:3), Global Shutter, VV sensor size, 15.5 Stops DR, Up to 2.8 GBps

Supported recording formats:

  • Uncompressed sequence of raw or plain files (by default)
  • Uncompressed 422p video (processing on camera)
  • Prores 4444 (post processing by software)
  • rores 422 (post processing by software)
  • Dng


  • Up to 8K (8000×6000) RAW / Uncompressed 12 Bits
  • Global Shutter
  • Sensor 4:3 – 37 x 27mm (Supports VistaVision 1:47 aspect ratio 7920 x 5388)
  • Video tools: Histogram (monochrome, color), False color, Focus Assist
  • Customizable software: Object count, automated magnification, face detection
  • User defined Color temperature, Auto White Balance, Sharpness
  • LUTs


Fall 2018. Expected limited availability and quantities during 2018 and early 2019.

Gorgeous 50 MP sensor World highest resolution.

An 8K sensor 4:3 with a resolution of 7920 x 6024 providing up to 24 fps at 47.7 MP

Global Shutter Perfect movement shoots

Global Shutter means no deformations on recording on movement or recording things in movement. Global Shutter means all sensor readout at the same time, as opposed to Rolling shutter on the sensor is read typically up to down. Global Shutter required higher performance chip (FPGA / ASIC) in order to achieve 8K resolution at a one pass readout. In fact, no other camera company achieved 8K using a global shutter.

franglobal 728x312 - Industry News: CINEMARTIN Announces FRAN 8K Camera

Sony Venice’s, RED Monstruo or Arri’s uses an advanced optimized Rolling Shutter sensor but as RED say “When working with strobes or fast subjects, this mode reduces partial exposure issues”. the key is “partial”, and this is resolved with Global Shutter.

sensors 168x168 - Industry News: CINEMARTIN Announces FRAN 8K CameraVistaVision Sensor World biggest sensor*
*commercially available as for purchase

With a dimension of 37 x 27 mm this equals to an area of 999 mm (37*27).

Red Monstruo VV sensor size is 40.96 x 21.6 mm, that equals to 884 mm. Arri 65 is rental only. Fran allows to record in original VistaVision aspect ratio of 1.47:1 (7920×5388) as well as full 4K 4:3 (7920×6024), 4K 16:9 etc.

Fran can achieve 15.5 stops of Dynamic Range Initially in Canon EF mount as shown on left picture

RAW Dng, Uncompressed & Prores

Fran record in uncompressed stills (dng or dib) by default. It has a post-processing tool to transcode to uncompressed avi or prores (4444 or 422).

Color & Monochrome

Fran by default can record in color up to 6K, 8K is done at monochrome until 2019 when a planned firmware / hardware update will bring color to the 50 MP 8K.


It has a special programming interface (opencv based), that will allow third parties to develop custom software for the camera to do things like object/s detection, automate ROI for better framerate, etc..

  • To have an example, NASA or an Airplane can use the camera to detect other planes or things in the scene, and let the camera to crop the sensor for a better readout, so like zooming to where the object or objects are alive (in real-time) -as the camera supports multi crop (many areas)- in order to get a faster framerate.

Non-proprietary media

  • Internally the camera have Certified m.2 NVME SSD media with 1TB or 2TB.
  • Users can backup or cut/copy the recorded media by simply connecting a USB or TB3 drive and pressing the backup button located on the side Camera Controller module of the camera.
    • A backup or copy of 1 TB of media using the TB3 port and some unit like Fusion TB3 from Sonnetech takes 8 minutes approx

Useful built-in tools

It has false color, Histogram (color and mono) as well as LUT (as monitor and/or as record) , Focus Assist and other pro functions usually only available on high-end monitors.

Compact & Functional

Chassis made of Aluminum dimensions similar to RED’s with: 11cm (w) x 14cm (h) x 9cm (y). It have built-in Wireless as well as USB 3.0, Gigaethernet and ThunderBolt3 (TB) ports. An HDMI port with output resolution of up to 4K provides for monitoring.


One Controller module (right side) and a Audio module (left side) are under development to provide better control, to be available when the first units of the camera will become available.

Price is not defined as of now, but will be less than its competitors and will be announced when the camera becomes ready to purchase / order.

Limited quantity of units will be available for fall 2018 and early 2019, with more general availability in the rest of 2019

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