Before we go too far, we have no idea how French law works when it comes to bankruptcy or receiverships, but we figured we'd pass on this information anyway.

It looks like DxO Labs has gone into receivership for the purpose of reorganizing the company. DxO Labs deals with the software side of the DxO brand, as DxOMark deals with the testing of cameras and lenses. DxO Labs would likely be the ones dealing with the Nik Software plugins acquired from Google last year.

Below are a couple of “official” mentions about the receivership.

This was sent to a customer of DxO Labs:

Hello sir,

In fact, the company has recently been placed under a regime of judicial administration, the time to reorganize.

Although we can not comment on this situation, we can nevertheless assure you that the company is absolutely not in liquidation and that we are confident that our customers will not be affected by this procedure.

Posted by one of our admins on the forum:

Legal notices Dxo Labs

Adresse :
3 RUE Nationale
92100 Boulogne Billancourt
Annonce légale publiée dans le Bodacc n°20170082 du 27/04/2017
20 décembre 2017
Modification de représentant
Enterprise (s) issuer (s) of the advertisement
Code Siren : 444 777 577
Legal form : Limited Company
Company officers : Alternate Auditor: BEAS represented by Pierre Victor; Statutory Auditor: DELOITTE & ASSOCIES in office on March 23, 2006; President: MENIERE Jerome on 15 December 2017
Legal notice published in the Bodacc n ° 20170244 of 20/12/2017
March 16, 2018
Activity : design and marketing of image processing software, design, marketing of electronic components.
Comment : Judgment declaring the opening of a bankruptcy proceeding, date of cessation of payments on January 15, 2018 appointing administrator Selarl Fhb Mission Conducted By Me Hélène Bourbouloux 16 PLACE IRIS TOUR CB21 92040 Paris Defense Cedex with powers : assist, legal representative Selarl C. Low Mission Conducted By Me Christophe Bass 171 AVENUE CHARLES DE GAULLE 92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine. The claims are to be declared, within two months of this publication, to the Judicial Agent or on the electronic portal at www . Creditors-services. com.
Date of effect : 07/03/2018
Company (s) issuing the listing
Denomination : DXO LABS
Siren Code : 444777577
Legal form : Limited Joint Stock Company
Address :
3 rue Nationale
92100 Boulogne-BillancourtLegalnotice
published in the Bodacc n ° 20180053 of 16/03/2018

There's some good discussion on the forum and if anyone has better expertise in French business law, and can shed some light on this, please let us know.

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