cgarcia, a contributor over at the forums has done some initial tests on dynamic range from Canon's new 32.5mp image sensor. There is good news and better news from his findings.

cgarcia used sample images from DPReview to run the tests, and compared to the EOS 80D at base ISO's, there is a small improvement in dynamic range.

Canon EOS 90D ISO 100:

  • DR at 32MP: 12.468
  • DR at 8MP: 13.480 (+1.012)
  • Read noise: 2.80125

Canon EOS 80D ISO 100:

  • DR at 24MP: 12.435 EV
  • DR at 8MP: 13.2343 (+0.7993)
  • Read noise: 2.86601

However, the better news is that dynamic range at higher ISO shows a big improvement over the 24mp image sensor in the EOS 80D.

90D vs 80D 728x418 - Initial testing shows Canon's new 32.5mp APS-C sensor improves dynamic range over predecessor
Image Credit: cgarcia // click for larger

There will definitely be a lot more analysis of the new sensor in the coming months, but for all of the dynamic range junkies out there, there seems to be a solid improvement over the previous generation of APS-C sensors.

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